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CTIS offers drivers Viesa: a cool solution to the extreme heat conditions affecting drivers safety and fatigue management on our roads

Viesa is designed to cool your sleeper cabin without requiring to idle your truck engine to run your Viesa

Viesa is extremely practical and reliable - Operate anywhere any time for as long as you rest.

Viesa is ecological - only consumes water. When working it does not emit gases into the atmosphere or use internal combustion engines that contaminate the environment, super quiet to let you sleep well.

There are two new types of Viesa: Platinum roof mounted OR Internal II unit inside cabin.

Both units have the same cooling performance with a special safety low voltage sensor to ensure your battery will not leave you stranded.

Both units operate with remote control and come with a 2 year warranty


  • Roof mounted or Sunroof fitting
  • Aerodynamic exterior design
  • UV protection on cover
  • Various fascia kits to suit all model trucks
  • Anti spill system with water return, performing perfectly on any type of incline


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Viesa Platinum brochure

      • Unique rear inside cabin wall mount unit
      • Maximum performance with new compact design
      • Alternate answer when roof mount not an option
      • Dust protection with new automatic exterior air vent opening and closing mechanism
      • Optimal cooling since no sun or heat on unit


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        Viesa Internal II brochure



        • New automatic drying cycle for evaporator filter
        • New alert signal for filter to be changed
        • Remote control holder
        • LCD digital board with commands for all functions with symbol indicators
        • Clock / alarm clock
        • Auto ignition / switch off
        • Air distributor vents for driver and co driver with hermetic closure
        • Designed & manufactured according to EMC electromagnetic compatability
        • 8 speed turbo fan
        • 32 litre water tank with pump cover & vinyl water tank cover
        • Special designed water tank which prevents cabin drainage
        • Water level sensor for automatic shut off on indicated low water
        • Special durable design water pump
        • Automatic low battery voltage sensor
        • Protection against / high voltage / fuse in general feed cable / polarity inversion
        • All spare parts available in stock